Do You Think I’m Nuts?

Do you think I am nuts?

Wait, don’t answer that yet.  It’s not fair until you hear the whole story.

Everyone knows I love to knit.

Knitting has been a survival tactic for me since we found out Tricia, my oldest daughter had cancer.

It got me through those days of sitting with her during her chemo treatments,

It got me through those days when I sat with her at the end of her precious life.

It also has gotten me through every day since.

I miss her everyday.

How you ask?  It’s the counting and having to pay attention to every stitch.  My mind has to stay on the numbers and pattern. I try to make sure my projects are challenging enough that I have to pay attention.  I’ve made lots of socks, sweaters, hats, mittens, fingerless gloves, scarves, shawls… you get the idea.

I’ve been part of Knit A Longs, (KALs) where knitters get together, usually on-line and start a project at the same time with the goal of finishing the project by a certain date. I have been part of mystery KAL’s where I have been told what I am making, like a pair of socks, and told how much and what kind of yarn to buy. Then we are given the pattern a bit at a time, not knowing exactly what it will look like till it is done.

Last spring, I was part of a KAL called April Showers, they were socks.  The socks had little flowers, rain drops, clouds, umbrella’s, and lightening.  Everything you would expect to see during April Showers.


Recently I found out about a mystery knit.  The designer, Laura Nelkin was talking the KAL she had starting on her PODcast and they would be knitting with beads.  I’ve done a little knitting with beads, and I was in from the start!  I found her group on Raverly,  and I went on a search and found the yarn that was recommended. I picked my color and ordered it.

Easy, right….not.

I realized a few days later that the skein of yarn I ordered only had 403 yard and I needed 500. So double shipping. I’ve paid more for less – so I bit the bullet and ordered a second skein of yarn.

Next the beads:

I noticed Laura recommended glass seed beads in a size 8/0.  That didn’t sound difficult, after all I kept seeing all these beads the other knitters were posting and thought they would be an easy find. I have two bead stores locally.  No need rush, I would wait until I get my yarn.  Time starts clicking away, no yarn.  I decide to just go pick out some beads, how hard can it be to choose beads to go with light blue yarn, really.  So I go to the first store.  They have the size I need, but only have small amounts.  Their beads are sold in tiny 6 gram packs.  I need 50 grams.  So I decide to get enough to mix the beads.  Well, as I look at them and notice most are picking their beads as a matchy match to their yarn.

So off to the other bead shop I trot.  Yea! They have long strings of beads in 50 gram amounts.  I buy different beads, but they are all the same color.  I’m feeling good.  I post a picture of my beads. Then I find out I need beads that were made in Japan instead of the beads I had bought locally, they were made in the Czech.  It seems the beads that are made in Japan are smoother on the inside and damage the yarn less.  Here I go back online to order beads. I whip out the ole CC and order white, glass seed beads size 8/0 made in Japan.

You might be starting to understand why I have no time to think of anything else. Knitting for me is sometimes an adventure.

All is good in my world, I’m ready to go.

Now I am thinking I am going to get Mom busy making seed bead jewelry with all these extra beads.

At this point I’m stalking the poor postman. I hide in the bushes to watch for my yarn and beads to be delivered.  I’m biting my nails waiting for the arrival of my supplies.  I had 2 days before the start date and still no yarn or beads.  I still have to knit a swatch to make sure my yarn and needle size gives me the perfect 22 stitches per 4 inches. The KAL was to start on April 1, by golly, I wanted to be sitting with my cup of coffee early on that morning getting ready to make that first stitch along all the other knitters in the world.

My yarn and beads arrive the day before, it took me 3 tries to get perfect gauge, but I got it.  Yes, I was sitting there early the next morning along with all the knitters all over the world and knitting. I was so happy. All the stress, all the panic, all the tension, the extra shipping cost, the extra gas – it washed away with the first stitch.

Photo Mar 29, 1 45 03 PM

So why would you think I’m nuts, you ask.  Well, I have no idea WHAT I am knitting.  No clue at all.  Nada – NONE! Might be a scarf, or a sweater or a beaded dish cloth. I have no clue – still!

You should have heard the conversations with the ladies at the two different bead stores when they were trying to help me find the perfect beads.

“What are you making?” they asked.

“I have no idea,” I respond.

“Excuse me?”  one lady replied.

” I don’t know what I’m making, all I know is I need this size seed beads,” I say.

“How do you know what to buy if you don’t know what you’re making?” one lady says as she gives THE LOOK to one of her coworkers.

“It’s a mystery knit along and all I know is I need 50 grams of size 8/0 glass seed beads to match my yarn.  That’s all I know.” I’m almost feeling guilty for buying beads and not knowing what I’m making.

Photo Mar 30, 1 37 11 PM

They were both a bit judgy, especially when I had to return a book that Mom “borrowed” from one of the stores. (Mom does that sometimes, she doesn’t realize what she is doing and just walks right out with something. I then return it the next day with an apology and an explanation)

I may never walk in those stores again for fear they will recognize me and whisper to each other, “The nut is back.”

As friends ask me what I’m up to and I tell them, “Oh, I’ve been knitting on something,”

They ask, “What are you working one?”

Again you can only imagine the dead silence on the other end of the phone.  I’ll know by the end of April, when I get the last clue.

Photo Apr 03, 9 40 36 PM

Until then, lets just call it The Project.

Make It A Memorable Day,


162 thoughts on “Do You Think I’m Nuts?

  1. Well you know I love knitting stories! And of course I don’t think you’re nuts! Be sure to post a picture of the finished project. :)

  2. It looks so pretty, and I love the story behind it as well! It’s hard to tell the actual width, but could it be used as a fancy shawl scarf…one you would toss one side over the shoulder and to the back…with the smooth corners in toward the neck? Can’t wait to see what it will actually be!

  3. I don’t think you’re nuts at all! OMGoodness….*I* wanna do a KAL or mystery knit with you, gf! I didn’t realize you knit, too! One more ing we have in common! *happy dance* You HAVE to email me links to these Ravelry groups or whatever, please. :) I think your mystery knit is just beautiful. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. So glad I found this post! You rock, gf!

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